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Ten Places to Find Free Stuff for Teaching

This wiki provides a list of great places to find 'stuff' that you can use in the classroom, add to your learning management system, incorporate into existing courses or simply send to learners via email. There are also some interesting tools to enhance your current teaching strategies and help to make some of the 'boring stuff ‘we have to teach, more engaging for learners. And sometimes its just about having some fun. :-)

1) Learning Object Repository -

The Learning Object Repository a gateway to downloadable, online training resources...It's like a 'Google' for learning objects (click here for definition). This repository allows teachers and trainers to access more than 2,500 quality, copyright cleared, free online learning resources. Best of all, most learning objects can be customised, allowing you to alter text, add videos, change images etc. Following are some examples of what you can find, however why not search for yourself!

2) YouTube -

YouTube.jpgYouTube is a video sharing website which allows users to locate existing videos as well as upload their own. There is an amazing amount of instructional material including an Education section. (If your organisation has firewall issues with YouTube, try TeacherTube.) Examples of what you can find on the YouTube website are:
And if you teach a subject that requires an understand of Maths, have a look at MathATube.

3) LiveBinders - http://livebinders.comLivebinders.jpg

LiveBinders allows you to collect resources from the web and then organise them as you would in a binder..neatly, with tabs. The idea is that it puts everything in one place…with a single web address which you can then email or add to a website or online course. If you’d like to see an example of somebody else’s binder, check out ‘21st Century Education‘ or ‘Copyright free/ Public domain images‘ (Note that you navigate the different areas of the ‘binder’ using the tabs across the top). The video tutorials will help you get started but try doing a simple search to unearth many ready-made resources.

4) Slideshare -

SlideShare.jpgSlideShare is a site where you can find other people's Powerpoint presentations on almost any topic. You can also use it to upload and share your own, as well as add audio to make a ‘webinar’! It is best to do your own searching but some examples are:

5) Flickr -

Flickr is a wonderful place to find photos for your Powerpoints, handouts and online courses. Get started by simply putting a search word into the site...but keep in mind that you must only use those which have a creative commons license…and attribute them accordingly. It’s explained in detail in How To Search & Credit Properly-Licensed Photos On Flickr. Some useful resources are:

6) Wikispaces - http://www.wikispaces.comWikispaces.jpg

What about a simple online 'whiteboard' for....well....anything! A wiki is a website that allows the easy creation and editing of one or more web pages via a web browser. This video explains the concept of a wiki, and WikiSpaces is one which is frequently used. This site is a WikiSpace.
Get started - with this video
More resources

7) QuickTopic -

QuickTopic is a simple little tool, but make a big difference to communication! QuickTopic' is a 'single topic web forum that's also fully email-enabled. You can start a topic in 10 seconds, QuickTopic.jpgand participants can use just email to participate, or they can use the web board, or both as the need arises. This tool makes communication easy and prevents the situation where a multitude of emails flick back and forth in a discussion, and end up entangled in everyone's In Box.

8) Wiggio -

Wiggio is a free tool which helps with the management and communication amongst groups. You can share and edit files, manage a group calendar, poll your group, post links, set up conference calls, chat online and send mass text, voice and email messages to your group members. Resources: You can take a Test Drive to see what Wiggio is like, and check out the Tutorial to get started. The FAQ is also a good source of information.

9) - external image screenhunter_05-jul-12-14-36.jpg?w=215&h=83 is a tool which will allow you to copy any website then delete, change and add things, providing you with a unique URL so you can share it. How many times have you wanted to send your students a link but not all of what was on the page was what you wanted them to see…or bits might be distracting, or have ads all over them. This way you get to send them to only what you want them to see plus what you add! Here’s a video that explains how it works.

10) Just for fun!

Why does education and training have to be boring? It's amazing what an image, quirky cartoon or photo can do for a nagging email asking students to hand in their assignments on time...or a reminder on your LMS....or a 'welcome to the course' etc. For some ideas, try these:

ImageChef - http://www.imagechef.comexternal image imagechef1.jpg?w=116&h=116

ImageChef creates customisable graphics and images which can be downloaded to your computer, ready to add to emails, websites etc So next time you need to tell your students that their assignments are due, or that they have only 4 days left to get their work reports in, use an image!

FlipText -

¡ʍou sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ FlipText is a site that allows you to 'flip' any text! Useful in emails for getting the attention of students, or adding to your online course just for something different. Anything non-boring means they are engaged!

MakeBeliefsComix - image screenhunter_03-apr-30-18-01.jpg

MakeBeliefsComix- it’s only a simple little tool but instead of emailing your students to remind them when their assignment is due, you could email them a comic strip that says the same thing…but the message would definitely be more memorable!:-)

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